Twinning Circle Meetings

These meetings are held four times a year on the third Saturday in January, April, July and October.

The Annual General Meeting shall take place no earlier than July in any year.

They provide an excellent forum for the spreading of information about the Twinning scene in Devon, for the exchange of experiences and ideas and for mutual encouragement. An effort is also made to engage a speaker on the broad theme of Europe and even farther afield if it has to do with Twinning.

These meetings are hosted by local Associations who are prepared to volunteer and we attempt to spread them around the county so that no members are always having to travel long distances. Devon is a big county!

Hosting involves providing a venue, coffee/tea and biscuits for the Committee in the morning and a lunch (hot or cold) for the Committee and any other visiting Twinners who wish it at a suggested price (currently) up to £8.50. Sometimes there is a cup of tea/coffee at the end of the afternoon. Obviously the lunch has to be booked in advance.

Reimbursement by the D.T.C. for the host Association is at the rate of £150 and often a raffle is held to help boost local funds.

Offers to host any of these meetings are always appreciated.