Minutes and Notices

General meeting held at the Cardinal Newman Centre, Exeter, 19th January 2019 at 2pm.


Before the business meeting, our guest speaker, David Littlefair gave a very entertaining talk. He values dialects as part of our cultural heritage, and told several humorous short stories in various dialects.

1. The Chairman Josie Mardon welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2. The meeting was attended by 37 committee members and representatives from the Twinning Associations.
Apologies were received from: James Stewart (treasurer), Barrie Coles, Yvette Cottrell and 18 Twinning Associations.

3. Minutes of the last meeting on 20th October 2018 were agreed and signed.

4. There were no Matters Arising.

5. Secretary’s Report/Correspondence. The Secretary, Jenny Worsfold, confirmed that the next meeting will be held in Exmouth on
13th April. The July meeting will be hosted by Stokeinteignhead. The past Secretary, Pat Sherwood told us that she has been in correspondence with someone about the Monica Saunders Award. She explained to them that it is decided by secret votes from committee members.

6. Treasurer’s report. The accounts were presented by Dennis Knowles, Insurance Officer in the absence of the Treasurer. The accounts show a healthy balance. Current funds available are £8557. The report was accepted. P: Mike Boyle, S: Pat Sherwood

7. Insurance Officer’s report. No associations have travelled in the past quarter but 243 twinners have used our Travel Insurance during the year. 64 associations took up Public Liability insurance this year. There have been no claims. The Public Liability premium will not be available until early March and yearly letters will be sent out as soon as we receive the rate for 2019.
Dennis reminded us that: all claims should be sent to him and not to the insurance company, payments should be made with one cheque from the association (enclose an address for the receipt) and not by individuals, cheques to be made payable to “Devon Twinning Circle”. It was confirmed that twinning insurance can be used for individual visits to twin towns/villages. Dennis can recommend a suitable insurance company for participants ever the age of 83.
Dennis made it clear that he plans to step down from the post of insurance Officer at the next AGM and would welcome offers from anyone interested who could then work with him for the rest of this year.
The Insurance Officer’s report was accepted. P: Mary Lowther, S: Bob Bradshaw

8. Matters arising from the committee meeting. The Monica Saunders Award this time is won by Tiverton Twinning Association.

The Deputy Lord Mayor of Exeter thanked us for inviting her to the meeting and spoke briefly of the importance of Twinning in helping to ensure that we remain friends with all our European neighbours.

Meeting closed, 15.10pm

Next meeting: Saturday 13th April, Exmouth.