Minutes and Notices

General meeting held at the Stokeinteignhead Village Hall, 20th July 2019 at 2pm.


Before the business meeting, a representative from the RSPB gave a most interesting talk about the cirl bunting. This rare bird appears on the Stokeinteignhead village sign and is doing well in the nearby RSPB reserve at Labrador Bay.

1. The Vice-Chairman Mike Boyle welcomed everyone to the meeting as the Chairman Josie Mardon was unwell and unable to attend.

2. The meeting was attended by 28 representatives from 18 Twinning Associations.
Apologies were received from: Josie Mardon, Maurice Mardon and 7 Twinning Associations.

3. Minutes of the last meeting on 13th April 2019 were agreed and signed. P: Philip Worsfold, S: Maggie Gingell.

4. Matters Arising. Item 8: it was agreed that the Don Leech tankard should be awarded to the writer of the winning article for the annual Monica Saunders award.

5. Secretary’s Report/Correspondence. The Secretary, Jenny Worsfold, has received one or two queries from associations which could be answered by reference to the associations’ own constitutions. Exmouth Twinning Association were keen to know how other TA’s managed subscriptions and travel costs for over 18’s in full-time education. It was suggested that this be widened to include charges for children and young people generally. Exmouth TA would like to hear how other TA’s manage this. Please email Maggie Gingell maggiegingell@aol.com

6. Treasurer’s report. Account sheets were circulated. The profit made last year was exceptional and due to a change in the way of paying for insurance. This year we will make a significant loss. The report was accepted. P: Mary Lowther, S: Margaret Gough.

7. Insurance Officer’s report. Total travel insurance for this year to date amounts to £1493 from 18 visits. We have had one claim which is ongoing. To date 65 Associations have paid Public Liability this year, totalling £7360. 75 letters were sent out. There have been no claims so far this year. Anyone with insurance problems, particularly with PL insurance for events in public places should phone Dennis.

8. Matters arising from the committee meeting. The Monica Saunders Award this time is won by Exeter Twinning Circle.
The skittles competition is to be revived. Pat will arrange an event, at the same venue as previously, for sometime next spring.
It is probable that subscriptions will be increased at the AGM in October.

9. There was no other business.

The next meeting will be the AGM on Saturday, 19th October at Tiverton.

Meeting closed, 15.34.



1. Chairman’s opening remarks. Josie welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked Tiverton Twinning Association for their hospitality. She pointed out that item 9, missing from the printed agenda, was the election of officers and committee.

2. Attendance and apologies. There were 33 members present representing 17 associations: Bradninch, Chard, Crewkerne, Cullompton, Dawlish, Exeter Twinning Circle, Exeter Yaroslavl, Exmouth, Honiton, Newton Abbot, Northam, Ottery St Mary, Sampford Peverell, Teignmouth, Tiverton, Torrington, Totnes, Uffculme.
Apologies were received from: Burnham-on-Sea & Highbridge, Clevedon, Crediton, Newton & Noss, Portishead, South Molton.

3. Minutes of 2018 AGM. These were approved: P. Mike Hind, S. Mary Lowther.

4. Matters arising. It was suggested that the minutes should list the associations present as well as those who had sent apologies. A request was made for a list of member associations to be made available. It was agreed that this would be sent out after the meeting to those associations for whom we have email addresses.

5. Secretary’ report and correspondence. Jenny reported that she was gradually learning the job and fitting names to faces. She had received little in the way of correspondence but she has been approached by a member of another Somerset association who is interested in joining DTC.

6. Treasurer’s report and proposal to raise the groups’ subscription to DTC.
James presented the accounts and explained that, as the way of paying for insurance has changed, a surplus is showing for this quarter. But from now on, each quarter will show a loss. Even if we cease offering travel insurance, which is now prohibitively expensive, we need to raise the subscription for groups. His report was accepted: P. Dennis Knowles, S. Mike Boyle.
It was proposed that the annual membership fee be raised from the current level of £10 per annum to £15 per annum: P. James Stewart, S. Josie Mardon. The motion was passed unanimously.

7. Insurance Officer’s report. Dennis reported that total travel insurance this year has amounted to £1888.00 (£1764 last year) from 26 Associations, with 85 adult members + 8 children who have travelled. (Last year166 adults + 34 children.) There has been one claim this year, and this has been settled.
63 Associations paid their public liability insurance premium last year. This amounted to £7875. The cost is £125 including tax; the cover remains the same at up to £5million for claims. This is still very good value
Over the year there has been a good improvement in the way that the Insurance has been sent in with correct names and addresses etc.
On the public liability front he asked us to remember that if you have any out of ordinary risk you must let me know so that I can clear it with Aviva our insurers in plenty of time, preferably in writing stating all the risk factors.
Pam Bines of Bradninch Twinning has offered to take over from Dennis as Insurance Officer. She will act as Dennis’s assistant until the next AGM, starting to be involved when the letters about Public Liability Insurance go out in March 2020.
The Insurance Officer’s report was accepted: P. Maurice Mardon, S. Mike Boyle.

8. Matters arising from committee meeting.
The Monica Saunders cup for 2018-19 was awarded to Exmouth. The award for this quarter was won by Bradninch.
James told us that our bank account has been closed as the bank requires a “safeguarding” form to be completed on line, which has proved impossible to do. He will try to open a new account with NatWest as first choice and Lloyds as an alternative should that be necessary.

9. Election of Officers and Committee. The existing officers and committee were re-elected unanimously:
P. Janet Hammond, S. Maggie Gingell.
Officers and committee for 2019-20 are:
Chairman – Josie Mardon – Exeter Twinning Circle
Vice Chairman – Mike Boyle – Totnes
Immediate Past Chairman – Pat Sherwood – Crediton
Secretary – Jenny Worsfold – Sampford Peverell
Treasurer – James Stewart – Newton Abbot
Insurance Officer – Dennis Knowles – Tiverton
Newsletter Editor – Jean Aplin – Tiverton
Committee: Bob Bradshaw, Exeter Yaroslavl; Maurice Mardon, Exeter Twinning Circle; Philip Worsfold, Sampford Peverell; Pauline Knowles, Tiverton; Mary Lowther, Dawlish; Margaret Gough, Newton Abbot.

10. Any other business.
(a) Michael Hind, from Honiton Twinning, reported on the conference held in Bristol on “Twinning in the 21st Century”. The report will be circulated to groups and a summary will appear in Home to Home.
(b) Dawlish think their amenities may not be adequate for next year’s AGM. It will, instead, probably be hosted by Torrington. Torrington to confirm.
(c) Bradninch are organising First Aid and Food Hygiene courses. They would like to hear from others who may be interested.
(d) The matter of groups having a safeguarding policy was raised. The committee will consider this and bring any recommendations to the next meeting.

Next General Meeting: Saturday 18th January. 2020 AGM: Saturday 17th October.

Meeting closed, 15.41